Filing as Married, $140-$240*

Why file with us?

Here at our firm, we believe in challenging the industry standard, and looking at every situation from multiple angles. To do this, we encourage our clients to come talk to us in order to fully understand their financial goals. When your filing status is married, there are a plethora of tax benefits you can take advantage of, ranging from setting up your child's college fund, to preparing for retirement.

If you File with us, you will:

  • Get your taxes done
  • Be guaranteed your optimal tax return
  • Learn a tax-free way to save for the future
  • Have year-round advice on your tax situation 
  • Have representation before the IRS


*Disclaimer: The above heading is an estimated amount the average client may pay if they are filing as "Married Filing Jointly" and chooses whether or not to itemize their deductions, and dependents to claim*

Who can i claim as a dependent?

There are two types of dependent statuses to be aware of:

  •  Qualified Child

    • The child must be your son, daughter, step son/daughter, brother, sister, or step brother/sister.

    • Under the age of 19, or 24 if they are a full-time student

    • Principal residence must have been with the taxpayer for more than half the year

    • The child must not have provided more than half of their support (e.g. food, bills, etc.).

  • Qualified Relative

    • Cannot apply for both as a qualifying child and relative or that of someone else (e.g. an out-of-town niece/nephew or family friend who comes to live with you during their school term)

    •  The gross income of the qualifying relative must be below $4,050

    • You must have provided more than half of their support

    • Must satisfy the residency or the relationship requirements


Should I Itemize my tax deductions?

You should only itemize if your below-the-line deductions are over the standard deduction of $12,700 (MFJ) given for tax year 2017.


What is a below-the-line deduction?

A below-the-line deduction includes any eligible expenses you paid from the following categories:

  • Medical Expenses
    • Professional Services (e.g. surgeons, dentists, psychiatrists, etc.), Prescriptions, Insurance, Medicare(Part B), etc.
  • Taxes Paid
    • State/Local Income Tax, or State/Local Sales Tax
    • Real Estate, ETC
  • Interest Expense
    • Individual Interest, Investment Interest, Mortgage Interest, Qualified Point, Etc
  • Charitable Contributions
    • Must be made to qualifying organizations.
  • Casualty Losses
    • Casualty losses are losses that are caused by events beyond your control, such as fire, floods, theft, storms, etc.
  • Itemized Deduction Subject To 2% AGI Limitation
    • If you wish to learn more about what is subject to 2% AGI Limitations, click here for the IRS.GOV Article.
  • Miscellaneous Itemized Deduction Not Subject To 2% AGI Limitation
    • If you wish to learn more about what is not subject to 2% AGI Limitation, click here for the IRS.GOV Article.